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THM has been at the forefront of India’s hydraulic Industry since 1993 as a custom manufacturer of fluid power components. We maintain our place as a leader in the industry by providing cost-effective, quality products and unrivalled customer service experience.

At THM, we work hard day in, day out to maintain the highest standards of product and service in the industry. It’s how we originally established our premium position, and how we’ve maintained it all these years.
Our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive hydraulic services that include product recommendations, power unit design and manufacturing, valve and control solutions, and hydraulic hose and cylinder repairs.

THM is one of India’s leading distributors for hydraulic products and accessories. We are specialists in delivering a range of hydraulic equipment, including pumps, motors, valves and cylinders, and have specific expertise in cylinder repair and general hydraulic repairs.

The Vision of the group

To be the most preferred suppliers in this field of Hydraulics.


This mission is achieved through


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