HD – FD-Check Q meter – Flow control valve


  • Type HD-FD
  • Max. Pressure upto 315 bar
  • Max. Flow upto 500L/min
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Pilot operated check valve leak-free 2 mounting type : sub plate mounting, threaded connection
By pass valve, free flow in opposite direction Optional built-on secondary pressure relief valve (only for valve with flange connection) 3 mounting type manifold mounting (cartridge valve), sub plate mounting, SAE flange connections.


  • Porting pattern to DIN 24 340 from D, ISO 5781 and CETOP-RP 121 H.
  • Pilot operated check valve, leak free,- The check Q meter controls the returning flow q42 in relation to the flow being directed into the opposite site of the actuator qv1 with cylinders the area ratio has to taken into account.
  • By pass valve, free flow in opposite direction
  • Optional built in secondary pressure relief valve .


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