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THM – A10VSODFE/DFEE – Variable Displacement Piston pump


THM – IGP1,2,3 – High pressure Internal Gear Pump

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THM – CY Series – Variable Displacement Piston Pump


The CY Series Hydraulic Pump is of axial piston type with hydrostatic film lubrication of bearing. It makes a feature of compact size ,light weight, high efficiency, longer life, simple construction and easy maintenance. Series 14-1B Nominal pressure up to 350 bar.

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  • CY type axial piston pump is to use the oil pan with oil.
  • Piston cylinder axis of rotation between the shoe and the variable because the head Using a hydro static equilibrium structures with oil pan and cylinder block  as compared with other types of pumps.
  • It has a simple structure, small size.
  • High efficiency
  • Long life.
  • Light weight.
  • Strong.
  • Self-priming capacity.
  • It is suitable for machine tools, forging, metallurgy, engineering, mining and other machinery, and other hydraulic transmission system.
  • The pump just want to change the motor oil pan can also be made using a hydraulic motor.


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