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HD – 3DREPE-Proportional pressure reducing valve of 3-way design

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Electrical Amplifier Card and Holder Type VT Series

Amplifier Cards:

  • VT-2000BK40
  • VT-2000BS40
  • VT-2010BK40
  • VT-2010BS40
  • VT-2013S2X
  • VT-3000
  • VT-3006S3X
  • VT-3014S30
  • VT-3017S30
  • VT-50000S20
  • VT-5004S20/
  • VT-5005S1X/
  • VT-5007 S10
  • VT-5011S20/..
  • VT-S024/25 RS3X

Amplifier Holders:

  • VT-3002-10
  • VT-1516-10
  • VT-1700-10
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Amplifier Type VT is propotional power amplifier.

It basically consist of Cards:

  • Voltage stablisier
  • Differential motion and potentiometer for pre-setting of input signals.
  • Controllable constant current generator
  • Ramp generator
  • 200Hz Oscillator

Type VT amplifier holders used for holding the EURO card. The card holder will be fixed by screw.

It basically consist of Holder:

  • Guide rails with bracket
  • 32 pin spring contact strip
  • 32 pin double layer terminal strip
  • PCB plate
  • Plastic pan




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