Electrical amplifier HD-VT-VSPA1-1 and HD-VT-VSPA1K-1


Electrical amplifier type HD-VT-VSPA2-50-1X/…

Electrical Amplifier Type HD-VT-VSPA2-1-1X/..

  • Size-6,10
  • Amplifier Type HD-VT-VSPA2-1-1X/..
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  • Suitable for the control direct operated proportional directional valves without electrical position feedback (type HD- 4WRA, sizes 6 and 10, from series 2X)
  • Four command values that can be adjust by means of potentiometers.
  • Four command value Call-ups with LED indicator lamp.
  • Differential input, can be changed over the current input.
  • Enable input with LED indicator lamp
  • Indication of “Ready for operation” by LED
  • Step function generator.
  • Ramp generator with one or five ramp times
  • Two clocked current output stages
  • Reverse polarity protection for voltage supply.


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