HD – 3DREPE-Proportional pressure reducing valve of 3-way design


  • Type HD-3DREPE
  • Max Pressure upto 100 bar
  • Max Flow upto 15L/min
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  • Directly controlled proportional valves for the control of the pressure and directional of flow
    Actuated via proportional solenoids with central thread and removable coil.
  • Hand override, optional.
  • Spring centered control spool.
  • Type HD-3DREPE with integrated electronics.
  • Interface A1 External control electronics for type HD-3DREP
  • Analogue amplifier type HD-VT-VSPA2-50-1X/… in Eurocard format.
  • Digital amplifier type HD-VT-VSPD-1-1X/.. in Eurocard format
  • Electrical amplifier type HD-VT-11118 of modular design.
  • Valve and proportional control electronics from a single source.


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