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Electrical amplifier HD-VT-VSPA1-1 and HD-VT-VSPA1K-1

PV2R Double vane pumps

Flow for 6CC to 153

PV2R Series PV2R12, PV2R13, PV2R23 Double vane pumps.

Note: One set of port flanges are supplied along with the


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PV2R Series PV2R12, PV2R13, PV2R23 Double vane pumps.


  • The double vane pumps are composed with two single PV2R series pumps.
  • These pumps are driven by one shaft and are assembled in parallel in one pump casing with one common inlet port and two outlet ports serving two individual oil circuits or combined them.
  • A variety of flows can be obtained by different combination of the two pumps.
  • The power of double vane pumps is the power sum of two single vane pumps.


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