STF – HB Series – Cam Ring Piston Hydraulic Motors

  • CRM-HB series-280,400,560,840,
  • Max. Pressure up to 208 bar
  • Rated Torque range 60,000 to 210,000 N.m

Main Characteristics:

  • Strong anti-shock capability and stability.
  • Enable free running working condition.
  • Multi-mounting options hollow shaft design
  • Large output torque, wide speed range, directly replace contaminated devices of high speed motor and gearbox, compact structure
  • Stable performance at low speed
  • Higher mechanical and volumetric efficiency
  • Reversible rotation
  • High power mass ratio
  • High reliability, easy maintenance.
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CRM-HB series hydraulic motor is what we develop for heavy duty application. it can work stably in various harsh condition to meet requirement of the overloaded application, such as shredders conveyor belt, hinge heads and so on. CRM-HA series motor adopts the structure of disc flow , radial piston, and inner curve. with advantage of shaft hollow. it can  easily configured with the brakes,tachometer, and special equipments, which greatly simplifies the user requirement of the host structure by saving much space for whole design.

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