THM – FPC Electronic Pressure Switch – Electronic tools

Size: 16, 40, 100, 250, 400 bar.

TFPC Electronic Pressure Switch.


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TFPC Electronic Pressure Switch.


  •  TFPC is a compact electronic pressure switch with built in digital display in three digits.
  • The switching point and the corresponding hysteresis can be adjusted via keypads.
  • It is high in precision, small in volume. Switching points and switch-back hysteresis can be adjusted independently.
  • Accuracy class1%
  • TFPC can be used in carrying one or two switching output or one analogue signal output besides directly measure the pressure value. Four different output models are available : with one switching point
  • with two switching points and both models can also have an additional analogue output signal 4…20mA
  • It can mainly be used in exactly monitoring pressure of hydraulic and pneumatic system.
  • It can be used in places which needs high switching frequency with high precision.
  • where the normal mechanical pressure relay/switch cannot fulfill the demands.


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