ABER – Wet Kits

Several different parts usually make up a Wet kit including:

  • PTO,
  • Oil Hydraulic Pump
  • Tipping Valve,
  • Control/command valves,
  • Filters, oil reservoir (tank),
  • Hydraulic hoses and fittings.

As a result,the hydraulic pump begins to push hydraulic fluid into the outlet hoses due to the rotation from the PTO.
Since the cylinders and also the hydraulic motors action begins, therefore making possible to lift the loads.

In conclusion the oil returned to tank is filtered in order to be available to the pump admission line.

Available in various sizes and to suit various applications. Contact ABER so that we can suggest the kit to suit your personalized requirements.

Hydraulic Motor-HSM Series

As HSM series hydraulic motor has the above characteristics, it has wide application range, it can be applied in the hydraulic transmission system of various type of machinery in plastic injection machine, light industry machine, metallurgical equipment, petroleum, coal mine, geological prospecting, machine tool and agriculture machine industries.

  • HSM series-HSM05,1,2,3,4,5,6
  • Max. Pressure upto 250 bar
  • Max Torque upto 11875@250 bar


STF – ITMS Series – Radial Piston Motors

  • ITMS series-09,18,30
  • Max. Pressure up to 220 bar
  • Rated Torque range 1983 to 8930 N.m

Main Characteristics:

  • Same structure as STF series as removed piston sleeve, integrated body case and piston cylinder hole, featured with high power-mass ratio and technical performance.
  • Applied hydrostatic oil-film modality between ball-socket of piston and ball head of con-rod to heighten its contact pressure ratio, working pressure and mechanical efficiency.
  • Higher anti-impact and load performance due to its enhanced roller bearing.
  • Longer service life due to special materials and advanced heat treatment in main transmitting parts.
  • Same installation data as ITM series, and ideal replacement of ITM series in higher pressure & performance application.

STF – ITM Series – Radial Piston Motors

  • ITM series-01,02,03,06,08,11,16,31,70,100.
  • Max. Pressure up to 220 bar
  • Rated Torque range 150 to 19843 N.m

Main Characteristics:

  • Low noise due to its crankshaft &con-rod structure and cylinder & piston framework of low vibration frequency.
  • Steady performance at low speed; high starting torque.
  • Good reliability and less leakage due to the flat compensation distributor.
  • Enable reversible rotation and certain external radial & axial force on output shaft.


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