STF – STFC Series – Radial Piston Motors

  • STFC series-080,100,125,200,270,325,400
  • Max. Pressure up to 290 bar
  • Rated Torque range 3324 to 22404 N.m

Main Chratcteristics:

  • The hydrostatic balance built between the piston, con-rod and eccentric sets reduces the friction between con rod  and eccentric sets, and also reduce the lateral friction on pistons, and contact pressure on ball the socket, thus to reduce the friction loss while on load. With above STFC series motor features with high mechanical efficiency and starting torque (The Mechanical efficiency while starring is upto 90%)
  • Hydrostatic balance shaft distributor prevent the shaft from tilting. thus to get excellent sealing, less leakage, and continuous running under high pressure (Max. pressure reach to 29Mpa)
  • Special materials and structure of seals reduce the leakage and improve the volumetric efficiency.
  • Special materials and advanced treatment on main driving parts prolong the overall service life.
  • Ideal replacement of STAFFA motor with interchangeable mounting and performance.

STFC series motor is widely applied in all kinds of hydraulic transmission systems. such as plastic injection molding machines, deck machinery, construction machinery, hoist, transport vehicle, heavy metallurgical machinery, petroleum & mining machinery, light industrial equipment, drilling machinery and so on.

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