ABER – Wet Kits

Several different parts usually make up a Wet kit including:

  • PTO,
  • Oil Hydraulic Pump
  • Tipping Valve,
  • Control/command valves,
  • Filters, oil reservoir (tank),
  • Hydraulic hoses and fittings.

As a result,the hydraulic pump begins to push hydraulic fluid into the outlet hoses due to the rotation from the PTO.
Since the cylinders and also the hydraulic motors action begins, therefore making possible to lift the loads.

In conclusion the oil returned to tank is filtered in order to be available to the pump admission line.

Available in various sizes and to suit various applications. Contact ABER so that we can suggest the kit to suit your personalized requirements.

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A full range of wet kit solutions to suit applications such as tipper, truck cranes, truck moving floor, etc.

Trucks and also semi-trucks that have a Power Take Off (PTO) often use a wet kit.

In addition, an hydraulic pump is especially relevant so the truck hydraulic circuit can operate auxiliary equipment.

All this consequently depends on the PTO to deliver necessary mechanical power.


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