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THM Huade Hydraulics is a leading hydraulics company with a rich history. Previously known as Beijing Rexroth Hydraulics, that later became Beijing Huade after the Bosch-Rexroth merger in 2001. In 2006, Tania Hydraulic Machines (THM) and Beijing Huade joined hands to form THM Huade Hydraulics Pvt Ltd. Welcome to our world of innovation and excellence!

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THM – A11VO/A11VLO – Variable Displacement Piston Pump
THM – A2FO – Fixed Displacement Piston Pump
THM – DIGP - Double Internal Gear Pump & IGP1,2,3
THM – DIGP - Double Internal Gear Pump & IGP1,2,3
THM – A4VSO – Variable Displacement Pump
STF – ITM Series – Radial Piston Motors
STF – ITM Series – Radial Piston Motors - 01,02,03,06,08,11,16,31,70,100
THM – A2FM – Fixed displacement Piston Motor
THM – A2FM – Fixed displacement Piston Motor
THM – 4WRKE – Proportional Valves - Series 3X
THM – A10VO/A10VSO – Variable displacement Piston Pump

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Hydraulic Power Pack ​
Hydraulic Power Pack
Hydraulic System
Hydraulic System
Hydraulic Unit
Hydraulic Unit
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Hydraulic CPU

FAQ's - THM Hydraulic Products

1. What applications are best suited for piston pumps?

   – Piston pump are well-suited for applications requiring high pressure, precise control, and high efficiency, such as industrial machinery, hydraulic presses, and mobile equipment.

2. Can you explain the benefits of hydraulic motors in industrial applications?

   – Hydraulic motor provide high torque at low speeds, making them perfect for applications like conveyor systems, winches, and machine tools where precise control and heavy-duty performance are required.

3. How do I determine the right hydraulic pump or motor for my application?

   – Our team of experts can help you analyze your requirements including flow rate, pressure, speed, and environmental conditions to recommend the most suitable hydraulic pump or motor for your application.

4. What is the typical lifespan of your hydraulic pumps and motors?

   – With proper maintenance and care, our hydraulic pumps and motors are designed to provide reliable performance over an extended lifespan, ensuring maximum productivity for your operations.

5. Types of hydraulic pumps?

 – THM provide different types of hydraulic pump main category are like: SERVO PUMP, AXIAL PISTON PUMP, GEAR PUMP, VANE PUMP, PUMP MOTOR ASSEMBLY.

  • With a servo pump, you can improve the efficiency and performance of your machines while reducing energy costs, helping your business run smoother and smarter.
  • Our axial piston pump provides the muscle needed for heavy-duty tasks. Whether it’s lifting loads or powering machinery, count on it for robust performance.
  • Gear pumps provide consistent and reliable fluid transfer, ensuring smooth operation in various industrial processes.
  • Vane pumps operate quietly and with minimal vibration, ensuring a quieter and more stable working environment.
  • Pump motor assemblies are versatile and can be used in various fluid systems, including hydraulic systems, cooling systems, and circulation systems.

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