ABER – BHD Oil Hydraulic Pump Axial Piston

  •  Sizes :20+20 25+25 30+30
  • Output at max. rotation :45lpm
  • Operating pressure up to 300 bar
  • Peak pressure :350 bar
  • Rotation min. (rpm) :200
  • Rotation max. (rpm):2000
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BI pumps are axial piston pumps with single and double fixed displacement. They are available from 25 to 172 cm3/rot. and with a maximum pressure of 400bar. They can be assembled directly into the PTO´s, with the exception of the PTO’s of two shafts without support.


  • High precision
  • Good performance
  • Small dimensions
  • Light
  • Robust
  • Low environmental temperatures
  • Low noise
  • Low weight
  • Changeable direction of rotation without risk of breaking thepump


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