THM – A6VM – Variable Axial Piston Motors

Oblique axis Variable axial piston motor
Sizes: 55, 80, 107, 160, 200
Nominal pressure: 400 bar
Maximum pressure: 450 bar

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  • The displacement can be infinitely changed from Vg max to Vg min= 0.
  • Inclined shaft structure axial piston variable motor, one-piece with sealed piston ring tapered plunger for hydrostatic
    transmission in open and closed circuits.
  • Output speed depends on pump flow and motor displacement.
  • Has high power density, good starting characteristics, and low moment of inertia.
  • A variety of highly compatible control devices, providing various control and adjustment functions.
  • Compact, robust bearing system for long service life.
  • The output torque is proportional to the pressure difference between the high and low pressure and the displacement.
  • Mainly used in mobile machinery and industrial fields.
  • The wide control range enables the motor to meet the requirements of high speed and high torque.

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